Saturday, July 12, 2008

How'd it get to be July 12?????

What?  We're performing today and leaving this afternoon?  How'd that happen?

The past week has been incredibly packed.  We've been assisting some local groups, playing for teacher's workshops, planning the final dance performances today (all the teachers will be sharing the traditions they taught), and yesterday we had our Habitat for Humanity performance at the Musician's Village.  

Folks really seem to appreciate music here in a different way than any other place in the U.S.; the Musician's Village is 75% local artists (jazz, brass band, etc.) who were displaced by Katrina.  After we played for the volunteers yesterday we took a tour through the surrounding area; the devastation is palpable even after five years.  Empty, rotted, and burned out houses everywhere, even one upside down in the field where it rolled during the storm.  And folks still live in the area, even in some of the damaged houses. 

It was a sobering experience for the group, but we also felt good that we were given the chance to come and contribute something towards the efforts there that was well received.  

Today we'll rehearse some Haitian music starting at around 11:30am, perform for the concert at 1, and then after the concert we'll load up and head out.  

More soon....

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