Sunday, June 29, 2008


Sort of!

We are in two student housing facilities; Jud, Luke, Alex and Dan are down the street at one dorm, and the percussionists/dance teachers are all in another.  The campus is big, still recovering in many ways from Katrina, but overall running well.   Biggest bonus: a coffee house immediately across the street from both of our dorms.

We played the new Ghanaian drums last night during rehearsal, which was the first time the instruments have been played in ensemble form since they were shipped from Ghana last month.  They are AMAZING and the students love them - so do I!  Awal, the dance teacher from Ghana who we are playing for over the next two weeks, doesn't arrive until tomorrow (right before his first class) so we're trying to make sure the musical portion of the equation is ready to go.

Our neighbors are from Haiti, Botswana, Cuba, Zimbabwe, NYC.... 

Once everyone is settled in we'll post some photos!  More soon....

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